Hullo Earthlings

Well it’s been more than a year since I’ve last wrote. I’m sorry if anyone ever read this blog and I just stopped writing. I didn’t know you were reading. Well not that much has happened in the last year. I made new friends, girls AND boys 🙂 Found out that I really like this guy, let’s call him A. He’s super sweet and like a guy at the same time. He has the warmest chocolate brown eyes I’ve ever seen. He’ll never notice me though. I’m just that kind of girl. Doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream though right?!!!?? Despite all my new friends and considerably more attention I’m getting, I’m still very alone. My friend, T, was complaining yesterday how it was such work having a boyfriend and how I was sooo lucky to be single. To me that was like a skinny girl complaining that she looked fat to a big girl. You know how singers and characters’ fans will have certain names like Sherlockians, Trekkies, Directioners, and such? Well I’m gonna try that out. How about the Invisinites? Maybe something better will come up when I get actual fans:D Whatever, I got homework so SEE YA SUCKERS(see what I did there? I’m really the sucker because I got a bunch of homework and….. whatever bye)

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Random Stuff That’s Been Bugging Me Lately Part 1

Hullo people, welcome to my admittedly boring blog. During this post I’m gonna talk about…….well it’s in the title people. Well here it goes. 1) My sister is a bitch. There I said it. She is a friggin bitch and I seriously think I hate her. Not in the “Oh, I’m a teenager I hate the world and you!!” way. No this is a deep resentment that I have probably been harboring since forever. My sister and her kids have been living with us for a. At first it wasn’t so bad. Kinda like a sleepover. But now it’s constant fights with her stupid ass boyfriend who thinks he owns this place. And don’t even get me started on how much she’s mooching off of my parents. My mom is gonna have a nervous breakdown because of her and my other sister. Now I am constantly getting in trouble because of how stressed she is. It scares me. 2) My stupid (ex?) stalker. OK let me tell you how he became my stalker. We have been going to the same church ever since I can remember. He is a year older than me and is really weird, but I’m weird too so I didn’t see anything wrong with it (I probably should have walked away when I remember he takes like crazy meds). Last summer was my third year of church camp and it was going great until I realized I was flirting with him. I didn’t mean to it just comes out. And that’s when I found out that he likes (loves) me. Cute right? You girls out there are probably going AWWWW. That’s what I thought too until he invited me to the beach with him and his family because of the first thing I talked about. He was a real ass back there. He picked on me and threatened to talk about “our relationship” in front of his family unless I stopped doing something (not getting into that). The next Sunday he kept staring at me all through Sunday school and Big Church (don’t make fun that’s what I call it) it was really creepy. Then I find out he has a blog on this very website (that’s where I got the idea to actually start a blog) so I read it and it has this one part where he says if only he could tell THAT girl how he feels. WTF he’s freaking told me a billion times and it was scaring me. And through all of this he was sending me creepy love songs/poetry about how he loved me (not actually saying he loved me but sure as hell insinuating it). So I stopped texting him and just told him I was really busy with school (not a total lie). Now he hasn’t texted me August maybe. But he still stares at me during church. Frigging weirdo.

Ok people it’s late I still have homework I’ll tell you guys the rest of my pitiful story later. PEACE!

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My Dog Died

My dog just died. I dont know how but he did. I didn’t cry, but my mom did. He had been just fine two days ago. But yesterday, I went to feed him and he came towards me and just collapsed. It wasn’t like a seisure, it was just like he was to weak to hold himself up. He just kept doing that. Later that day I had to go to band practice and a football game so we didn’t come home for a while. When we came back he was doing the same thing but then when he got close enough to me he kinda stopped and them looked at me and collapsed on me. Not to me mean but it scared the crap out of me. But not for him. For me. I was scared that he had rabies and I would get them (kinda stupid I know). Today we had to got to Har—- to help my grandparents move. While we were leaving he kinda started to run but then collapsed and stayed there. My mom got out and he lifted his head but he couldn’t get up. So we went and it took all day and then on the way home he got something to eat. When we got home, he was in the same spot but when we drove past he didn’t move at all. My mom went up to him and backed up a bit because he was foaming at the mouth. He was still breathing, but it was the breathing of a dog who knew he was dying and was freaking out. His breaths were laboured and my mom was bawling. Mu dad was yelling at her because she kept asking what was wrong with Lucky (my dog) and he didn’t know the answer. My mom stayed out there until it was dark and she had called my brother in law crying asking ifhe could come put Lucky out of his misery. Then she saw that he wasn’t breathing. Now my dad is burying him. We won’t have a ceremony. To those who knoe me outside of this blog, who have heard me say that I didn’t like my dog that I wanted him to die. I lied. I loved him. Not with all my heart. But I did love him. He listened to me when no one else would. And when others thought i was too stupid or selfish to do anything he would come up to me and just sit there with my while I cried. He made me feel safe, like I actually had a friend who cared. And now he’s gone.



Lucky the Mutt

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What’s Wrong With Me?

I think there’s something wrong with me. I watch a lot of crime show and doctor shows that show a lot of blood and dead corpses and it doesnt bother me one bit. A couple months ago my mom, my brother, and me were watching some movies and one of them was where this couple’s son gets kinapped by a pyscopath and then the guy kills him. The parents get seriously pissed off and go after him take him somewhere and torture him. Them show them stabbing, burning, cutting, and breaking everything about him. I sat there as i watched them break every bone in his foot and i had  to force myself to flinch and moan and groan like my brother and mother. Is there something wrong with me? 

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For all those Sherlock fans out there

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So this is my first ever post! yay!! i hope i don’t sound too eager to whoever is reading this. Don’t worry I’m not some overly optimistic cheerleader. I’m just an overly average goody twoshoes with a rebelious mind. So i hope you like any of my future posts and well, bye! 

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